Welcome to INstruct!

This is INstruct, a database of high-quality protein interactome networks annotated to 3D structural resolution. We currently catalogue 6585 human, 644 A. thaliana, 120 C. elegans, 166 D. melanogaster, 119 M. musculus, 1273 S. cerevisiae, and 37 S. pombe structurally resolved interactions. The interactions shown on this site have been curated from some of the most popular interaction databases and filtered to reflect only binary interactions that meet our strict quality criteria. The schematic below shows how we are then able to reconstruct 3D interaction interfaces for our high-quality set by using available co-crystal structures. For complete details, please see our article in Bioinformatics..

Compile PDB co-crystal structures Identify co-crystal or homologous structures for each interaction pair Construct structurally resolved interactions

For more information on our method, please read about our curation details.